leaders in law firm technologies.

Law offices that use PureLAW.com are more efficient, thus more profitable.

For a consumer, seeing a "Powered by PureLAW.com" logo means that the lawyer they are considering is using technologies that increase their efficiency by an average of 27.8%. When the consumer is paying hundreds of dollars per hour, any increase in efficiency can have a critical impact.

For the law firm using PureLAW.com, this increased efficiency is achieved by increasing revenues via expanding client base and penetration of services, and by delivering a substantially lower overhead cost structure. Before PureLAW.com, a lawyer had two choices: 1) work for a mega firm that would handle all business development activities and back office support, allowing the lawyer to focus on his or her area of expertise in practicing the law, or 2) go into private practice, which mandates that the lawyer not only practice the law, but also manage the business aspects of running a firm day to day. In option 1, the mega firm would supply the office manager, IT department, receptionist, accountant, and many other roles necessary to run an office. In option 2, the attorney is faced with the daunting task of running the office and practicing law. This requires the attorney to wear many hats to keep the office running smoothly, and often times inhibits their ability to do what they do best AND enjoy the most, practicing the law.

Through economies of scale, PureLAW.com can handle all of the back office support a small firm needs, all for a fraction of the cost that it takes to do it in house. This allows lawyers to do what they love and excel at, practice law, pure and simple without all the office headaches.