Great legal solutions "Pure and simple".

The "Powered by" logo is a sign of excellence for the law firm using the PureLAW suite of services, and for the clients they serve. With an average 27.8% increase in productivity for law firms powered by, the consumer wins and the lawyer experiences drastic improvements in efficiency. When being billed by the hour, this is a win for both attorney and client.


Let help you do what you do best, practice law. We eliminate the burden of running a small office by providing all of the business services that enable your firm to run smoothly and maximize profitability. Our approach will increase your revenues and cut your costs, and allow your firm to run more efficiently. We handle your business operations. This allows you to practice law, "Pure and simple".


Finding a quality lawyer at a reasonable rate can seem challenging at times. When you see the “Powered by” logo, you know that the lawyer you are looking at uses the latest technologies to help their practice run more efficiently (27.8% on average) and as part of a nationwide network of attorneys, has the ability to collaborate with colleagues. allows the lawyer you choose to bring you the power of a large mega firm with the personalized service and pricing of boutique law firm.